Band Blast Volume 12: The Week of West Ranch

We have a great week ahead of us planning and preparing for West Ranch. Please see itinerary

If you were unable to make the booster meeting this past week, we have set up a remind for band and color guard parents...this is a way for us to communicate to parents in case of emergency. To sign up for this, simply send a text message to the phone number 81010, with the message body @mrjjarre and you will be automatically added to the list. 

Phone Number: 81010
Message body: @mrjjarre

You will get messages directly to your cell phone. If you would like to learn more about how this service works, here is a link to their site: 

Finally, we have a family photo shoot fund raiser coming is the information on that:

Date: Oct 22nd and 23rd 

Time: 9am to 1130am.

Location: Saugus MPR court

Clothing: avoid green color clothes for families. Uniform for student.

Cost $50 for 2 poses.

$15 for extra pose.

$40 from each family will be donated to booster fund for equipment.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to have time to change into uniform and get positioned. 

Sign up for that here:

As we look forward to next competition, please bring any Spirit Flags your family may have taken home from the Royal Competition to the West Ranch Show.  Feel free to hang on to them until after the performance.  We will collect them then.  

Sign up for Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 28 with Stacy Treanor.  There is no limit to how many parents can participate, but we do need to get a count so we know how much space to save in the parking lot.  Feel free to contact Stacy for more information.

Also, we are in need of a couple of families to provide 8 oz. water bottles for the competition. This year we are doing something new and giving the students water bottles as they go to warmup.  The 8 oz.size is perfect.  We need a total of 104, so please contact Stacy Treanor at the above email if you are able to provide those waters.

Lastly, for students, please remember to dress warmly for morning it gets cooler, it will be quite brisk in the morning. Do remember a sweatshirt and hat if you need it. 


Band Camp 2016